Paveloc Pavers in Houston are Offered here at Americas Stone Company at Competitive Prices. If you are looking to start a walkway or a full commercial project we can supply your need. Below you will find example pictures of the pavers we offer to help with your selection. If you have another color or style in mind please feel free to email or give us call with your inquiry. We offer a variety of styles in various colors. 

Colors: Charcoal, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Red, Terracotta, Pewter, Buff, Caststone, Limestone, Antique Brown, Old Town Blend, Antique Pewter, Antique Red, Antique Tan, Antique Terracotta, Georgia Blend, Antique Buff, Milsap Blend, Hill Country, and Mocha.

Paver Styles: Plaza 3 piece Paver , Holland ADA, Holland 4x8, Phoenician Paver, Metro Style 3 piece Paver, Cobble Stone 4x8, and Venture Wall. 


Plaza Stone 3 piece

Pavers Houston - Plaza Stone Paver- Concrete Pavers

Plaza Paver is available in a variety of colors. These Plaza 3 piece Paver are made in three different sizes to give an elegant finish look.

Holland Paver 4"x8"

Holland Paver - Soilder Paver - Houston Pavers - Commercial Pavers

Holland 4"x8" Pavers are made with Durability as all Pavers we offer and can be used in Driveway application as well as commercial. 

Holland ADA Paver

Holland ADA - Commercial Paver - Concrete Paver - Houston

Holland ADA Paver is made with notches at the top of the Paver for added strength in Commercial settings or any projects that require business and city ramps.  

Plaza Stone 3 piece

Residential Pavers- Houston Pavers- Decorative Pavers

Concrete Paver Patio Pool areas are always a great idea as an application and easy to modify within your project space.

Phoenician Paver

Pavers - Tecturized Pavers - Houston - Concrete Pavers

Concrete Pavers are a great way to make your investment count. With many Color and Style options to choose from.

Plaza Stone Paver and Holland

Plaza Stone Pavers - Driveway Pavers - Houston

Driveway Pavers for Homes and Commercial Driveways are both durable and stylish.